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Generators for Greenville, Spartanburg & Surrounding Areas

Installing a generator in your home or business is a smart investment. It’s not uncommon to be left in the dark due to severe weather in South Carolina. When you have your own personal generator to kick on when the power goes out you can continue life as normal. All of your appliances will continue to run efficiently so you won’t be left with a refrigerator full of spoiled food. Your cooling, heating, and electronic systems can continue to serve you and won’t be negatively impacted. The type of generator you might need will depend on a number of different factors. Bentley’s Heating & Air can assess the building you would like to supply power to and how many electronics will be in use. We take these factors into account to determine the size and power your new generator will need. You can also select what method you would like to use to power your generator. The most common types are natural gas, gasoline, or liquid propane. Contact us today to get started.

Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator

  • Automatically generates power to your home or business when the power goes off
  • Keeps your stove, fridge, and other appliances running
  • Prevents your electronics from damage during voltage fluctuations
  • Allows you to remain comfortable for long periods of time during emergencies
  • Keeps your heat and cooling systems running

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The Generator Installation Process

Are you installing a backup generator for your home? It helps to know what the installation will entail and what will be expected of you.

Choose a Location

Our professionals can help you pick the perfect place for your generator: you want a stable, well-drained, and well-ventilated area, with room on the sides for maintenance and repairs. Keep any homeowners association or community restrictions in mind when choosing the location of your generator.


Our professionals will quickly and professionally install your new generator by preparing a plot and placing it.

Fuel and Electrical Connection

By installing a transfer switch next to the main breaker box and hooking your generator up to your electrical and fuel systems, your generator installation will be nearly complete. Your transfer switch will sense where your property’s power is coming from and will know when to switch over to generator power.

Outage Simulation

We will perform an outage simulation to make sure that your generator is working as it should.

If you have any other questions about your generator installation, our professionals can help.